As well as my blog, here is a list of things I’ve written which have been published.

  • People Power in the Driverless City‘ (redpepper, 18th Dec 2017). There are loads of possible uses of self-driving car technology and it will radically change transport and the city, but also looks at the power behind this. It is likely that rich people will get most of the benefits, instead of any sort of equitable distribution of the benefit of self-driving technology.
  • Why tax dodging is a human rights issue’ (Oxfam Views & Voices, 14th Nov 2017).  Tax dodging is a human rights issue. This piece argues that we should see tax evasion as a human rights issue because it deprives states of resources to help people, and looks at the international legal framework is about the human rights aspects of tax dodging, both for states and corporations.
  • Basic income: a human rights approach’ (openDemocracy, 7th Nov 2017). This is bringing a human rights approach to the discussions around Basic Income, as a different way to see and assess basic income as a concept and particular basic income policies.
  • Sandra Fredman, Alison Young, Meghan Campbell and Alex May, ‘The Impact of Brexit on Equality Rights’ (Oxford Human Rights Hub, 2017). This is a report from a workshop which the Oxford Human Rights Hub held about Brexit and Equality Rights. Much of UK equality law comes from or is strong because of EU law, so is likely to be much weaker after Brexit. I was the Research Assistant and took notes from the workshop, wrote initial drafts of the report, and did the final formatting of it.