I am currently working (1 day per week) as Research Assistant for a professor at UCL on an environmental law project.

I have a lot of experience of research, including: legal research; researching government policy; organising an event; data analysis for an internal Athena Swan review; drafting reports; proof reading, editing and formatting.

I also spent three months (two days per week) as an intern with the legal team at a leading international NGO. During this, I researched and wrote reports into Company Law and Sustainability, and into Business and Human Rights. I also wrote some smaller briefing notes and provided general administrative support. Subsequently, I was hired as a research consultant to research and write a fifty-page report about business and human rights law and how they can utilise it in their campaigning and advocacy.

For a more detailed CV please contact me at alex(at)

Parkour Coaching

I have been coaching since 2012, when I founded the Oxford Parkour society, and have coached over two hundred and fifty sessions since. These include coaching children, young adults and less-young adults. I have coached indoors and outdoors, coached and choreographed a high-budget school production of West Side Story, and private tuition.

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I currently coach one-off workshops and occasionally with the Oxford Parkour Community. I have regular sessions with Free Your Instinct, who do parkour for mental health, and Foucan Freerunning Academy, who have an indoor venue in Hammersmith.

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I am available for coaching work, whether this is private tuition, one-off workshops or regular sessions. In my coaching so far, I think it is important to break parkour out of the typical young male domain: in Oxford I started running womens’ only sessions (which are now run by a female coach!); with Free Your Instinct I coach people with mental health difficulties, and I have a Mental Health First Aid certificate; and one of my sessions with Foucan is for less-young adults who might not describe themselves as particularly fit. I believe everyone can benefit from parkour and think it is a great way to be active, both physically and mentally.

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If you would like to talk to me more about this or hire me for coaching work, please contact me at parkour(at)



Check out the Writing page for things I’ve written which have been published!

If you would like to hire me for writing work or commission me for a piece, please contact me at alex(at)


I have a lot of experience at running training workshops, facilitating meetings, organising events, and have done a lot of work at summer schools (as Centre Manager, Academic Administrator, and Activity Leader). If you think you might want to hire me for something else, get in touch!