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Travel Blog 3, part iv
15th May 2014

Seems like parkour is featured in this one another couple of times, as I go back to Bonn via home and a parkour coaching conference in London. Home Continuing from having just arrived home, having been in Leeds. I slept a bit and planned the next bit of my journey and packed my bag again. […]

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Travel Blog 3, part iii
18th April 2014

In this part I write about three different cities I visited – visiting a friend in each and doing some other things while I’m there. Again, I’m telling thoughts I have based on things I did including gender, mass surveillance, learning, fear, etc. Bristol Following home, I set out on the next stage of my […]

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Travel Blog 3, part ii
13th April 2014

Part i can be found elsewhere on this blog In this one I’m in Oxford and at home and I talk about what I did while in these places. Parkour gets mentioned, but so do a few other things like national security and democracy and similar important topics. As with all my travel blogs, I […]

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Travel Blog 3, part i
7th April 2014

Travel Blog 3 is about what I did during five weeks of my Semesterferien (non-term-time, it doesn’t seem right to call them “holidays” anymore); even though I was in England it still felt like travelling because I only spend 5 nights at home over three different parts, and I was living out of my backpack […]

A List of Things I’ve Noticed Internationally
27th October 2013

I’ve written up a few differences I noticed in different countries. The first half of this was written while I was interrailing but I never uploaded it, and I’ve added a couple more about Germany to the end of that. There are many generalisations here, please take them with a pinch of salt as they […]

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Count your blessings – laundry!
13th October 2013

We’re always told to count our blessings – the idea that there is so much we take for granted and ought be grateful for that we forget about. In general in Western society we have a lot, yet we’re unable to be happy with it. I’m not going to delve into the philosophy behind that; […]

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Adventure Part Two: Vienna
27th September 2013

P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Travel Blog II: Vienna Following a weekend in Venice (see previous two posts) I went to Vienna for three nights (two whole days). This is the only part of my adventure where I’m actually on my own – in Venice I was hosted and there was an event, and in […]

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Venice Adventure (Travel Blog I)
24th September 2013

P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } My adventure has begun! As I write this ( published the following morning from the hostel wifi ) I’m on a train to Vienna, having travelled by coach from Venice into Austria this morning. Austrian trains are great, but more on that another time I think. I offer a slight […]

Journey to the End of the Night
24th September 2013

This was the event which drew me to Venice, and without it I don’t think I would’ve bothered with the trip. It was called ‘Journey to the end of the Night’: there was a 10km route around Venice with six checkpoints to go through, the aim obviously being to make it to the end but […]