About Einarsson v Iceland: Rape Allegations as Defamation?
16th January 2018

This post discusses rape (and sexual violence) allegations, in light of a recent case which I wrote about. ** A short piece I wrote before Christmas got published a few days ago. It’s on the Oxford Human Rights Hub Blog, and it’s a ‘case comment’, which means it is short and mostly about the facts […]

Why Tax Dodging is a Human Rights Issue
20th November 2017

I wrote a blog post for Oxfam’s Views and Voices blog about the Human Rights aspects of Tax Dodging. This is both about the connection between them, and also what international human rights law says about it. It may be sort-of obvious that dodging tax is really harmful for people. In ‘developed’ countries we have […]

Impact of Brexit on Equality Rights Report
6th November 2017

I’m a co-author on a report written about Brexit and Equality Rights by the Oxford Human Rights Hub. I was the research assistant so wrote the first drafts of it (which the professors then worked on, so more credit to them!), as well as doing the formatting and sending loads of emails. But many of […]

New Year Thoughts 2017: LOVE and RAGE
5th January 2017

‘The world won’t get no better/If we just let it be/nana na naa naa na naa naa‘ – Wu Tang Clan ‘Where is the love, the love, the love‘ – Black Eyed Peas I came across the phrase Love and Rage sometime in the middle of 2016. It turns out it’s been a phrase used […]

The Need for Action Against Our Extremist Government
5th October 2016

This was written to be a short facebook status as a follow-on from an earlier blogpost – Lessons from Berlin//Be Vigilant – but ended up being a bit longer. It wasn’t planned or structured much, as blog posts usually are for me, more a stream-of-consciousness reaction. Hence the personal narrative where I go on about how I write […]

Human Rights and Sovereignty
5th September 2016

The current Conservative Government wants to remove the Human Rights Act (HRA). This has been their policy for many years, reaffirmed by each new Justice Minister, though no actual proposal has yet been put forward (largely because it’s quite hard to turn nonsense into a concrete proposal). In this post, I’ll talk about two of […]

Quick Note on the DNC Leaks
28th July 2016

DNC Leaks = Lots of leaked electronic documents (emails and phone data) from the Democratic National Committee, the blue political party in the USA. Wikileaks posted a lot of them last year from an anonymous source. They haven’t been talked about much by most of the media, especially in the UK, so I thought I’d […]

Actor Politicians and Post-Truth Politics
15th July 2016

The state of UK politics at the moment… not great. The EU referendum had a very strong media campaign by many media outlets based on lies and misinformation, such as portraying the EU as ‘unelected beaurocrats’ (a lie) and talking about £350m/week (another lie, plus the fraud of talking only about money out instead of […]

Attempting to Explain the 24th June 2016
24th June 2016

To many, the result of the UK’s EU Referendum might be a shock. Here, I try to explain what I think happened. This is, of course, all going to be historical interpretation by me. Everything I present as fact I believe to be so and with sound evidential basis, even if I haven’t had the […]

The EU Referendum and Black Swan Events
22nd June 2016

Note: This post is a bit raw. Usually, I would write something in draft, then come back and redraft and edit it. Usually that means some changes, making sentences smoother and the whole thing flow better. On this occasion, I wrote this whole post in one go and have published it without redrafting or editing. […]