Life Philosophy
Facing a Fear
22nd January 2014

This post is my attempt to explain one of my parkour experiences with words, to try and convey what goes on inside my head when I did a particular jump. Standing two metres high on top of a wall, I glance down to the ground below me, and then rub my hands on my thighs as if to rub them clean. I crouch down, looking across at a window ledge […]

Parkour: Being Useful
17th October 2013

I’ve recently read the (out-of-copyright) translation of David Belle’s book about parkour. It’s definitely worth a read – tells you more about parkour, in a way, but also isn’t about physical parkour and is more a discussion of his life and life philosophy, meaning that even if you don’t care for parkour it’s still very interesting. I also saw a couple of interview transcripts from David earlier today, which were […]

Parkour Video
3rd October 2013

Parkour Video Blog Post I made a parkour video – see <> – and this blog post is to go with it. I’ve been doing parkour for a bit over three years, I think, though never training particularly intensely for it it’s been the sort of training I’ve been doing. I also started up a group in Oxford, which I coached for a year. Preamble 1. ‚ÄúThis is not a […]