Thoughts on the Uber crash
22nd March 2018

The Uber Crash A couple of days ago, an autonomous car run by Uber crashed into and killed someone. This is the first death caused by an autonomous car (I think…). Unsurprisingly, it has generated a lot of discussion. Video available here. I’m writing this because some of the coverage I’ve seen didn’t include what I thought was important. So here I’m writing about that. Context Autonomous vehicles have been […]

Vehicle Principles
2nd October 2016

There are a handful of principles which act like they contain moral value, when in fact they are devoid of value; instead, they are vehicles for actual moral values. Or, put another way, they are principles about how actual moral values should be applied. What is being addressed here isn’t novel, but I haven’t seen it named or discussed in this way before; and if it was widely-known, I should […]

A Parkour Video and Thoughts on Parkour Videos
26th July 2016

I just edited a parkour video and thought I would share a few thoughts on this. Parkour and videos can be a bit messy. The summary: think carefully about your media outputs. There’s three sections: a description of the session, of the type that would usually accompany a video (though longer); then some thoughts about videos and parkour, which I’ve been thinking for a couple of years but not yet […]

Holding Post
12th December 2014

Just thought put a holding post up. Now that I’m back at Oxford for my final year I don’t have as much time and am not writing up blog posts, which is why this has gone quiet. At some point in the future I’ll hopefully get back to it in some form!

Life Philosophy
09/06/2014 pt II
13th August 2014

This is the second post with my reflections on an incident during which I got punched in the face and had a tooth knocked out, story to be found in part one of this article. Written on August 13, 2014, so not true for how I currently feel about it! Fear after the Event Even though I handled it very well at the time, it’s definitely grown on me since. […]

09/06/2014 pt I
13th August 2014

If this were a buzzfeed article, it would be called “You won’t believe why this man got chased down the street (twice!) and beaten up to steal his phone.”. But that would be a misrepresentation: I didn’t get beaten up, and it’s only unbelievable if you get stuck in the idea that the world ought be perfect. I’ll instead just tell the story and throw down some thoughts afterwards. This […]

Life Philosophy
Books I Very Strongly Recommend
15th May 2014

This is a list of some books which I have read over the last year or two which I strongly recommend, to the point where I think everybody SHOULD read them. If I were a teacher or lecturer I would put these books on the reading list ranked among the actual topic I was teaching, or I would tell the pupils to read the book instead of actually teaching them […]

A Tension in Modern Life
6th February 2014

Humans as a species have been around for quite some time. Now sure, in the grand scheme of the universe it’s barely noticeable, but compared to how long our individual lives are, it’s a pretty long time. A quick glance at wikipedia suggests between fifty and a hundred thousand years ago (and former humanoid things much earlier). Evolution for humans happens very slowly (relative to our current pace of life, […]

Ich bin Sitzpinkler
7th November 2013

Part of the inspiration for this post came from seeing an advert for a German house-share which said that men are welcome so long as they are tidy and are Sitzpinkler. As I’ve mentioned before (link to Intl Diff post), German has compound nouns. One such word is Sitzpinkler – meaning “someone who pees sitting down”. How great is that, that they can say that in one word! Typical German […]

Life Philosophy
Our way is the old way
14th October 2013

I just executed a cockroach. The kitchen we’ve got has a cockroach infestation, but we can’t do much about it because the cupboard they’re in is locked shut and inaccessible. As I came home today, I saw one on the floor. I knew I had to kill it, but I’m not a fan of bugs or killing, so it wasn’t ideal. I used to scream (ish) and run away from […]