Thoughts on the Uber crash
22nd March 2018

The Uber Crash A couple of days ago, an autonomous car run by Uber crashed into and killed someone. This is the first death caused by an autonomous car (I think…). Unsurprisingly, it has generated a lot of discussion. Video available here. I’m writing this because some of the coverage I’ve seen didn’t include what […]

Basic Income and Human Rights
10th November 2017

  Earlier this week I had a piece published on openDemocracy. It’s the first journalistic piece I’ve got published, so I’m proud of that. It came about because I was interested in basic income as a concept, and know a lot about human rights, and realised that there is a good intersection of the two. […]

The Future Of Cars
2nd August 2016

In this post, I muse about the future of cars – and with it, houses, cities and work. With the way things are interconnected, changing how cars function has big knock-on effects for other aspects of our societal life too. *** In the relatively immediate future – I reckon about fifteen years from now – […]