Christmas Eve Fast
24th December 2017

(today I fasted for gratitude and empathy) Today – Christmas Eve, as I write this – I’ve decided to fast. Drinking is allowed, but only if it has no calories – so that’s tea and water for me – and I decided coffee would be cheating a bit too. No food all day though. Actually, […]

Anyone can do Parkour (and should)
25th September 2014

With some short wordy bits and also a video of my mum doing parkour for the first time.

Public Misconception of Parkour

Imagine all you had ever seen of running was the 100m sprint in the Olympics.

Parkour is a non-mainstream, not-very-well-known discipline. As such, it hasn’t been understood all too well by people in society in general. The media loves spectacle and sensation, so they portray parkour as a daredevil stunt discipline. The parkour that’s made it into film, TV, and music videos is the performance aspect, where people are doing things to look impressive. Parkour videos put out onto the internet are often self-selected by people who want to show off what they’re doing, so there are many parts of parkour that don’t get shared as often. Not only do we not see all of the “behind the scenes” training of all of the people in the videos, but we don’t see anything who don’t make the cool videos, and there are many people who don’t make many videos.

This isn’t what parkour really is though, this is just one aspect of it.

Take the Stairs!
3rd September 2014

“some quote about humans being meant to move” – many people in the fitness industry, evolutionary biologists, paleoanthropologists, etc.  Exercise is good for you, right? (If you aren’t in agreement so far, then probably stop reading now. That’s kind of an underlying premise of this whole post.) The way we view ‘exercise’ in our society […]

Jogging is a Waste of Time
21st August 2014

In which I discuss jogging and the sort of thing I do instead of jogging. “Alex, you make exercising less shitty.“ “I sweat a lot more than on a normal run but come back feeling like I’ve had a great time.“ A Lengthy Introduction Read this if you want more background to what I’m about […]

Instead of Cake: Kugeln and Marzipan.
20th June 2014

It’s the 26th of June soon, which for some people has meaning as being an anniversary of the day I was born. Traditionally, people give and eat cake on their birthday, but not being a blind follower of tradition I’ve decided that I’d prefer other things. Being “healthy” (I don’t think about it that much, […]

Recipe: Banana and Almond Fritters
9th November 2013

I decided to call these ‘fritters’ instead of ‘pancakes’ (which they could also be) because otherwise you can make them expecting something like crepes. The first few times I cooked this I was disappointed that they didn’t taste like crepes, but then when I started to appreciate them for what they are they became delicious! […]

Your stomach is not a see-saw
24th October 2013

I don’t like the phrase “balanced diet”.  (At this point, I should give you a slight warning that this post may come across as a bit pedantic. I’m not talking about the content of the “balanced diet”, just the way it’s described and perceived. Hopefully I explain why adequately. It’s also a longer post than […]

I’m a chocolate snob – and you should be too!
13th October 2013

Over the last five years, the amount of chocolate I eat has been decreasing. Yet I actually enjoy chocolate more than ever. Here’s my thoughts, shared in the hope that they can improve your quality of life slightly, as well as help you to enjoy chocolate more… Five and a half years ago, I gave […]

Journey to the End of the Night
24th September 2013

This was the event which drew me to Venice, and without it I don’t think I would’ve bothered with the trip. It was called ‘Journey to the end of the Night’: there was a 10km route around Venice with six checkpoints to go through, the aim obviously being to make it to the end but […]