General Election 2017 Figures
9th June 2017

So, there is lots of  commentary on trying to figure out what this all means. Yet most of this is in a very short-term window, discussing the change from either 2015 or from a few months ago. I wanted to figure out what was going on in a way I hadn’t seen elsewhere, my looking at numbers and graphs, so thought I would share. *** Contains: Table/Graph of SEATS Table/Graph […]

Thoughts after the ‘London Attack’
8th June 2017

This was written as a Facebook status on the morning after the ‘London Attack’, so maybe a slightly different style to a blog article.  I was not particularly near to nor knew who was there, but especially with the ‘Manchester attack’  there was a lot of discussion. I say ‘attack’ because there’s a cultural thing of making an ‘event’ of something, which I don’t like for the way it adds […]


Parkour is not a sport and nor is it exercise. It is something different: a discipline, a practice, maybe a unique thing. (This is my best attempt at a definition:) Parkour is a training thing (system/method/approach/discipline) which is based on moving around a (usually urban) environment and about improving how well one can move. The movements are diverse, including jumping and swinging and climbing and vaulting, and it is based […]

Life Philosophy
Behind a Jump: Mental Challenge and the Feeling of Success
17th February 2017

In this post I tell a story about some parkour training and a jump I did as part of it. It isn’t the one in the photo, but it was somewhat similar. The aim is to try and get across how the mental benefit of parkour can work, and so the wordy-storyness is part of it. ***** It was a Saturday. My week of uni work was over, but I […]

New Year Thoughts 2017: LOVE and RAGE
5th January 2017

‘The world won’t get no better/If we just let it be/nana na naa naa na naa naa‘ – Wu Tang Clan ‘Where is the love, the love, the love‘ – Black Eyed Peas I came across the phrase Love and Rage sometime in the middle of 2016. It turns out it’s been a phrase used by activists in environmental and anarchist circles for awhile, but I like the phrase for […]

Parkour as a Process
18th December 2016

*** Parkour is about the process. It is not about the outcomes. It isn’t about whether you can jump a certain gap, do a certain move, whether you’re comfortable at height or not. It’s about how you try – how you train. Parkour culture, on the whole, seems to think your ability is what matters. It is not. Parkour is the process of self-overcoming, using movement (including around urban routes […]

The Need for Action Against Our Extremist Government
5th October 2016

This was written to be a short facebook status as a follow-on from an earlier blogpost – Lessons from Berlin//Be Vigilant – but ended up being a bit longer. It wasn’t planned or structured much, as blog posts usually are for me, more a stream-of-consciousness reaction. Hence the personal narrative where I go on about how I write blog posts, which is irrelevant. As it turned out being a bit longer, I thought […]

Vehicle Principles
2nd October 2016

There are a handful of principles which act like they contain moral value, when in fact they are devoid of value; instead, they are vehicles for actual moral values. Or, put another way, they are principles about how actual moral values should be applied. What is being addressed here isn’t novel, but I haven’t seen it named or discussed in this way before; and if it was widely-known, I should […]

Human Rights and Sovereignty
5th September 2016

The current Conservative Government wants to remove the Human Rights Act (HRA). This has been their policy for many years, reaffirmed by each new Justice Minister, though no actual proposal has yet been put forward (largely because it’s quite hard to turn nonsense into a concrete proposal). In this post, I’ll talk about two of the points that are commonly seen arguing for this removal and how they are a […]

The Future Of Cars
2nd August 2016

In this post, I muse about the future of cars – and with it, houses, cities and work. With the way things are interconnected, changing how cars function has big knock-on effects for other aspects of our societal life too. *** In the relatively immediate future – I reckon about fifteen years from now – advances in car technology will have radically changed the society we live in (of course, […]

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