Systemic Change, Not Canned Water, Will Save Us
8th September 2018

Environmentalism has become trendy. Or at least, a certain brand of it, with shiny new products leading on selling points of saving the planet. Some of these are good, like portable coffee cups. Some of these are terrible, misguided ideas which come nowhere near saving the planet. Most recently, I noticed canned water being sold in a supermarket, its packaging proudly proclaiming it a more environmentally friendly product than water […]

Thoughts on the Uber crash
22nd March 2018

The Uber Crash A couple of days ago, an autonomous car run by Uber crashed into and killed someone. This is the first death caused by an autonomous car (I think…). Unsurprisingly, it has generated a lot of discussion. Video available here. I’m writing this because some of the coverage I’ve seen didn’t include what I thought was important. So here I’m writing about that. Context Autonomous vehicles have been […]

About Einarsson v Iceland: Rape Allegations as Defamation?
16th January 2018

This post discusses rape (and sexual violence) allegations, in light of a recent case which I wrote about. ** A short piece I wrote before Christmas got published a few days ago. It’s on the Oxford Human Rights Hub Blog, and it’s a ‘case comment’, which means it is short and mostly about the facts and law of the case. There is little space for analysis. Here, I want to […]

Christmas Eve Fast
24th December 2017

(today I fasted for gratitude and empathy) Today – Christmas Eve, as I write this – I’ve decided to fast. Drinking is allowed, but only if it has no calories – so that’s tea and water for me – and I decided coffee would be cheating a bit too. No food all day though. Actually, I ate some cake when I got home last night at half past midnight, so […]

Why Tax Dodging is a Human Rights Issue
20th November 2017

I wrote a blog post for Oxfam’s Views and Voices blog about the Human Rights aspects of Tax Dodging. This is both about the connection between them, and also what international human rights law says about it. It may be sort-of obvious that dodging tax is really harmful for people. In ‘developed’ countries we have had austerity politics of cutting public services, which causes deaths and drastically reduces quality of […]

Basic Income and Human Rights
10th November 2017

  Earlier this week I had a piece published on openDemocracy. It’s the first journalistic piece I’ve got published, so I’m proud of that. It came about because I was interested in basic income as a concept, and know a lot about human rights, and realised that there is a good intersection of the two. I think that using a human rights approach is quite useful for discussing basic income, […]

Impact of Brexit on Equality Rights Report
6th November 2017

I’m a co-author on a report written about Brexit and Equality Rights by the Oxford Human Rights Hub. I was the research assistant so wrote the first drafts of it (which the professors then worked on, so more credit to them!), as well as doing the formatting and sending loads of emails. But many of my words are in it. The summary is: most of our equality protection is closely […]

General Election 2017 Figures
9th June 2017

So, there is lots of  commentary on trying to figure out what this all means. Yet most of this is in a very short-term window, discussing the change from either 2015 or from a few months ago. I wanted to figure out what was going on in a way I hadn’t seen elsewhere, my looking at numbers and graphs, so thought I would share. *** Contains: Table/Graph of SEATS Table/Graph […]

Thoughts after the ‘London Attack’
8th June 2017

This was written as a Facebook status on the morning after the ‘London Attack’, so maybe a slightly different style to a blog article.  I was not particularly near to nor knew who was there, but especially with the ‘Manchester attack’  there was a lot of discussion. I say ‘attack’ because there’s a cultural thing of making an ‘event’ of something, which I don’t like for the way it adds […]


Parkour is not a sport and nor is it exercise. It is something different: a discipline, a practice, maybe a unique thing. (This is my best attempt at a definition:) Parkour is a training thing (system/method/approach/discipline) which is based on moving around a (usually urban) environment and about improving how well one can move. The movements are diverse, including jumping and swinging and climbing and vaulting, and it is based […]

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