The Website

It’s mostly here for what I write about what I think – the blog/articles – but also as a central space for other things I do. The blog is more about thoughts I have on things rather than stories about my life, but stories may feature.

There is no regularity to updates – I upload things when I have things to upload. I write when I feel like writing, and I usually come up with a rough outline, then write a draft, then polish it off. This way there is a sort-of screening process on only writing about things that I am motivated to, and writing remains fun instead of pressuring. Most of my ‘writing’ happens in the thinking beforehand, and when I actually write it doesn’t take too long.


I’m 23, currently studying a law masters (LLM) at LSE (London School of Economics, in Lond0n). I grew up in Solihull, near Birmingham in the midlands, and was at Oxford University for my undergraduate law degree, graduating in 2015. As part of that, I spent a year in Bonn, Germany, studying German law for a year.

In the year 2015-2016 (between finishing at Oxford and starting at LSE) I did a few different things. I took time to relax and recover, and this included reading, writing, exercising and doing parkour. I also did a few  different jobs. I worked at two summer schools (one was actually at Easter), worked as parkour coach and choreographer on a school production, completed the parkour coaching qualification, did an unpaid internship followed by a paid research piece for a well-known international NGO.

My interests are quite broad. Though parkour is my main sport, I dabble in other things too – currently martial arts, but I have done athletics, basketball, and racquet sports. I enjoy reading and listening to podcasts, have also done some public speaking and been in a play.

Here is a list of buzzword-topics I’m interested in:

society sport politics political theory economics food cooking education movement environment media terrorism social justice and activism philosophy feminism racism equality history public space society culture music globalisation futurology

Legal areas of interest: jurisprudence, public law, human rights, tort law, environmental law, police law. At the core of my interests is the relationship between law and society, and this cuts across the usual legal taxonomy. I’m currently studying across this: modules on human rights, cyberlaw, policing, international law and legal theory.