Welcome to my website. I’m Alex, I work in politics and also as a parkour coach, living in London. Alongside these jobs, I’m trying to develop ideas and get them into the world through thinking and writing, including thoughts around legal theory.

I studied law (undergraduate and LLM), in which I broadly studied more political aspects of law, including human rights law, environmental law, public law and jurisprudence/legal theory. Before my current job in politics, I worked as a research assistant and consultant, working for law professors and an NGO. All of this has contributed to my current thinking about law and society, which I’m calling ‘interconnected law’.

Here’s a summary of interconnected law: our current legal system sees us all as individuals and focuses on individual freedom; yet instead we are all interconnected. We live in a network of relations hips- social relationships, economic and material relations, and the relationship we have with the rest of our natural world – and our legal system should recognise this and work to improve these relationships. We should transition to legal systems which are based on human interconnection, look at relationships instead of rights, and help us live harmoniously with the rest of nature.

Aside from this, I also practise and coach parkour, which you can read about on my parkour website. I train it because as well as being fun, it works a range of physical skills and includes working on mental aspects such as fear, discomfort and anxiety. I coach it because I want to share the transformative power it has to improve other people’s lives too.

To contact me, email: alex(at)alexmay.co.uk