Welcome to my website.

I’m a writer, freelance researcher, parkour coach and activist living in London.


I studied undergraduate law at Oxford (2011-2015), with a year abroad (Bonn, Germany) as part of this. After that, I had a year out of studies in which I worked as a Research Assistant, parkour coach, and did an internship with a leading international NGO. In September 2016 I moved to London to study a master’s law degree (LLM) at the London School of Economics.

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The LLM was completed in August 2017. Since then, I have worked as Research Assistant to the Oxford Human Rights Hub on a project about Brexit and Equality Rights. I also work as a parkour coach, both independently and for other organisations. I currently have regular sessions with Free Your Instinct, who run parkour sessions for mental health, and Foucan Freerunning Academy, who have classes for all ages and abilities in Hammersmith.  I am also writing on a number of things which I think are important and know about Рsee the blog for more! I am available for work along in all of these areas (and more) Рcheck the Professional page for more detail.

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My legal research is centred around the role of law in society. My dissertation was about Earth Jurisprudence, a legal theory which recognises that our current legal systems are based on individual rights and domination over nature (and others), and that we must transition to legal systems which are based on human interconnection, relationships instead of rights, and living harmoniously with the rest of nature. I have studied legal theory and philosophy of law modules, human rights law, environmental law, policing, cyberlaw, and a few other modules.

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As for the parkour… I train it because as well as being fun, working on mental challenges and fear is beneficial and rewarding. I coach it because I want to share the transformative power it has to improve other people’s lives too.

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You can also read some of the things I’ve written in the Blog page (!), where I’ve written about whatever I wanted to write about at that time.





To contact me, email: alex(at)alexmay.co.uk